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Feeling lost in life? In need of a comforting, maternal figure to take you by the hand, smack you in the head, and pass you a nutritious glass of milk? Well, stop carrying on like a pork chop - The Mamas are here to soothe you. 


This eight-piece act has earned a reputation for their unique blend of soul, RnB and what they have dubbed as funky fem-hop (feminist hip-hop) - they’ve quickly become known for their sequin-studded shows and knack for toeing the line between social commentary and outrageous comedy. Led by four of the cheekiest and boldest vocalists you’ll ever meet, The Mamas are a feast for the senses and an invigorating tonic for those in need of a good dance (and a good laugh).


Equal parts fabulous and fearsome, The Mamas have been disciplining and nurturing audiences since 2016, bringing female voices and stories to the front and charming their way into the hearts of Mamas Babes across the nation. Following the release of their debut EP ‘Juicy’ the Mamas have since been on a wild and toothsome journey; playing sold-out shows across Australia, supporting Australian legends such as San Cisco and Sex on Toast, playing to heaving crowds on interstate festival stages, and releasing two rambunctious music videos.


Over the years the Mamas have had the pleasure of playing at a delicious tasting plate of Australian music festivals, including Queenscliff Music Festival, Mullumbimby Music Festival, Bello Winter Music Festival, Ocean Rhythms Festival, Happy Wanderer, Moomba, Brunswick Music Festival, Sydney Road Street Party, Darebin Music Feast, Midsumma, Cherry Rock and Girls on Film Festival, to name a few.


The Mamas are best known for delivering social messages with a cheeky, comedic twist -  something which has succeeded in gaining them adoring fans from all ages and backgrounds. With their first music video release collectively having over 10,000 views, and tracks from their collection of music having 100,000+ listens, it’s clear that The Mamas are just getting started.

Meet the Family:

Sugar Mama

Emilia Schnall

Saucy Mama

Abbey Rose

Smoky Mama

Isobel Caldwell

Spicy Mama

Kaitlyn Secker



"The Mamas bring so much power and charisma to any stage they set foot on. You’ll never see an eyeball wandering – they are just that captivating. If you haven’t been to a Mamas show, it’s definitely something to add to the bucket list."

- Muso Blog

"Yes the band is hilarious, but don’t let the humour, neo-soul vocals and live-band sound deceive you. As with all great comedy, there’s an important message too..."

- Broadsheet

"The power and dynamism of the female voice is on full display, as Mamas Sugar, Spicy, Saucy and Smoky throw down high-energy melodies, riffs and spoken word..." 

- Outlet



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The Mamas T-Shirt

$30 - The Mamas Classic T-Shirt, front and back side shown.

Available in S, M, L, XL and 2XL

Subject to availability. Please make a purchase enquiry if you would like size specifications.

Available in Australia, price excludes shipping.


$15 - The Mamas Juicy CD, front and CD print side shown.

Subject to availability.

Available in Australia, price excludes shipping.

Juicy CD

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